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Money classes for young adults and teens

Finally financial education that works

83% of students graduate high school without receiving any education on savings, banking, budgeting, earning income and investing.  

Finly reverses this trend. 

What makes Finly's programs unique is

students immediately apply what they are learning. 

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College and Beyond Courses

Life is getting real. Students at this stage are deciding how much to spend on housing, what job offer to take, and how to be smart with investments and insurance needs.  Their financial plan must be solid and allow for growth. 

High School Money Courses

Students at this age need to know how to build a credit profile, what steps to take to start saving early and how to make financial plans for life after high school.

Studying on the Grass

Why Money Classes?

You pay for tutoring, ACT/SAT prep and college coaching. 

Don't ignore the most important life skills.  

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Middle School Money Courses

Financial habits and attitudes start early.  Students at this age need money management skills, as well as experience using banking accounts and different payment options.

"Learning is experience.  Everything else is just information." 

- Albert Einstein

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What We Provide


Insights into how money works.


Real-life skills in savings, managing and investing money.


Hands-on experience in applying  knowledge to develop your decision making skills.


It's not how much you make, it's what you do with it.

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